These are the Scylla and Charybdis of bourgeois theology. These are the relative positions of debate, which positions are themselves the acceptable modes of answering the question. Because this is the case, we need to consider developing an articulation of theology that broaches one or the other construction in order to speak lucidly to the culture. To borrow again from Tillich, we must develop an apologetic theology that takes seriously the location and direction of our culture’s theology.


Babylon and Zion stand against one another. The destroying mountain, however, will be undone, while the Mountain of the Lord will stand forever.

Tillich offers a radical vision of the kingdom of god. Some thoughts.

Eden perfected, Jerusalem descended.

D.A. Carson has republished his exposition of John 14 – 17 under the title┬áThe Farewell Discourse and Final Prayer of Jesus: an Evangelical Exposition of John 14 – 17. Originally presented as a series of addresses for a number of academic conferences across North America,┬áThe Farewell Discourse offers an extended mediation on the import of […]