Monthly Archives: February 2018

Review: Faith in a Hidden God (2017)

Faith in a Hidden God offers an imaginative working-through of Luther and Kierkegaard as they touch on the binding of Isaac. She presents anagogical interpretation clearly and offers a solid argument in support of its adoption. The book is far from perfect, but it is certainly useful.


Review: Your God is Too Glorious (2018)

For a simple introduction to a theology of the cross, Your God is Too Glorious serves well.

Review: The Unity of Theology (2017)

For a grasp on Pannenberg’s relevance to his own moment in the academy as well as to his influence in today’s theological landscape,¬†Unity of Theology is an adequate work for the task.

On Heresy

“Heretic!”, especially in the digital context, functions primarily as an opprobrium, a “caveat lector.” I think this represents a departure, ironically enough, from the traditional modes in which accusations of heresy were used.