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2017 in Five Books

Quite the year was 2017. In the midst of a tumultuous political season (what with statues and whatnot being torn down), the rest of the year felt like a whirlwind; it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating last year’s Christmas season. Despite the whirlwind, I was able to carve out some additional time to […]

Appraising the Reformation

How one understands the relationship of the institutional church to the “body of Christ” to the individual church and its individual members will in large part color their perception of the Reformation.

Postscript to On Abortion

I was connected with Jonathan Haidt’s website after finishing The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. The site has a number of quizzes that place you in a context of other self-described liberals and conservatives who have also taken the quiz. Along the lines of my previous post on […]

2016 in Five Books: a Review

This was an okay year for reading, as far as I was concerned. I set out to read 55 books, and at this point I’ve read 33 with a couple more that I’ll probably finish before the year is over. That said, I’m quite happy with the books that I did read–or, rather, the ones […]

New Paper Uploaded: 2 Corinthians 3.7 – 18

I have uploaded a draft of my term paper for my course on 2 Corinthians. It is titled Death and the Spirit, Condemnation and Justification. I would greatly appreciate your feedback either on Academie, where if you will ask me I will give you annotation rights, or on here. After the period of review is […]