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The Postmodernists Are at It Again! A Critical Review of Love Thy Body (2018)

Lest we get muddled from here, let’s be perfectly clear. This book is not good. Despite the plethora of reviews to the contrary,¬†Love Thy Body is sloppy and poorly argued. As a work of Philosophy–that is, as a work that critically reviews, evaluates, and appraises other philosophical ideas–it’s sophomoric.


On Aaron Hernandez and Moral Culpability

Our bodies provide the field for our moral behavior, and this field shapes the way in which moral responsibility can be assigned.

Burials, Cremations, and Alkaline Hydrolyses

The human body ought to be treated with dignity. How does this extend to burial?

Postscript to On Abortion

I was connected with Jonathan Haidt’s website after finishing The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. The site has a number of quizzes that place you in a context of other self-described liberals and conservatives who have also taken the quiz. Along the lines of my previous post on […]

de Beauvoir and Ethics without God

“A God can pardon, efface, and compensate. But if God does not exist, man’s faults are inexpiable.”