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Review: Textual Silence (2017)

By focusing her energy on the Holocaust, Lang clarifies features common to the relationship of expression to existence because the Holocaust so clearly demonstrates the inadequacies of language to facilitate wholly an understanding of experience. We can have faithful representations insofar as language is stretched to accomplish the task, but the inherent limitations of language begin to shine more brightly the closer one comes to entirely inexplicable moments or persons.


Review: The City of God and the Goal of Creation (2018)

Eden perfected, Jerusalem descended.

Review: The Farewell Discourse and Final Prayer of Jesus (1980)

Carson’s work in The Farewell Discourse is valuable and certainly worth the shelf space. He contributes to one’s understanding of the Upper Room and functions as a worthy consult for popular-level Johannine studies.

Review: Embracing Hopelessness (2017)

De la Torre argues that hopelessness is the only means by which a person could hope to rid the world of injustice–because hope engenders complacency with the status quo.

The Postmodernists Are at It Again! A Critical Review of Love Thy Body (2018)

Lest we get muddled from here, let’s be perfectly clear. This book is not good. Despite the plethora of reviews to the contrary, Love Thy Body is sloppy and poorly argued. As a work of Philosophy–that is, as a work that critically reviews, evaluates, and appraises other philosophical ideas–it’s sophomoric.