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The Polarity of Freedom and Destiny

The polarity of freedom and destiny speaks most directly to the entanglement of existential philosophy and a robust conception of god’s will. If god wills that history unfold in a certain manner, how can the means through which this was accomplished be held ethically responsible? People amount to puppets. On the other hand, if we are radically responsible for our actions, there is no recourse, no external force upon which we can shift the blame of our actions; there can have been no god who forced our hand.


The Scylla and Charybdis of Bourgeois Theology: Charting a Course

These are the Scylla and Charybdis of bourgeois theology. These are the relative positions of debate, which positions are themselves the acceptable modes of answering the question. Because this is the case, we need to consider developing an articulation of theology that broaches one or the other construction in order to speak lucidly to the culture. To borrow again from Tillich, we must develop an apologetic theology that takes seriously the location and direction of our culture’s theology.

Reciprocity in the Prophets: Isaiah and Jeremiah on Babylon and Zion

Babylon and Zion stand against one another. The destroying mountain, however, will be undone, while the Mountain of the Lord will stand forever.

Revelation, Salvation, and the Kingdom of God

Tillich offers a radical vision of the kingdom of god. Some thoughts.

Review: The City of God and the Goal of Creation (2018)

Eden perfected, Jerusalem descended.