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Review: Why I Believe (2017)

Why I Believe may be the first apologetic work a Christian reads. Pray it’s not the last.


Circularity and Presuppositionalism, via Kuhn

This summer I’ve been waddling through Berger and Lockman’s The Social Construction of Reality and Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Both have fairly extensive ramifications for critical reflection on the nature of theologizing, and as soon as I finish Kuhn’s work I’ll offer a review of both works together here. In any event, Kuhn touches on the […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Postmodernism and Presuppositionalism

Although the hope of anchoring theology in an unchanging list of fundamentals might engender confidence in the conception of an historically-consistent orthodoxy, the evolution of theological conceptions does militate against that idea.