In 2007, the journalist Chris Hedges published his fourth book, American Fascists: the Christian Right and War on America. Although much of the book is alarmist and differs quite sharply with my own experience as a youth and young adult in evangelicalism, his critiques are worthy of consideration. The final chapter “Apocalyptic Violence” is easily the strongest […]

A review of Bonhoeffer’s first work and his doctoral dissertation Sanctorum Communio, first published in 1930.

American Christians have a complicated relationship with participating in the democratic republic as citizens, although this tension has been more or less keenly felt over time. Despite popular-level narratives of the United States being “a Christian nation,” or the more recent claim that there is a greatness to which America can return, the United States […]

A collection of thoughts pertaining to the 2016 election.

Porpora argues that Americans lack a needed category — the ultimate concern or moral vision.