Elizabeth Palmer published a reworked version of her PhD dissertation under the title Faith in a Hidden God: Luther, Kierkegaard, and the Binding of Isaac (2017). The work is included in Fortress Press’s Emerging Scholars series, which highlights “innovative and creative” projects from individuals entering the professional phase of their academic careers. The dissertative origins of Faith […]

For a simple introduction to a theology of the cross, Your God is Too Glorious serves well.

For a grasp on Pannenberg’s relevance to his own moment in the academy as well as to his influence in today’s theological landscape, Unity of Theology is an adequate work for the task.

“Heretic!”, especially in the digital context, functions primarily as an opprobrium, a “caveat lector.” I think this represents a departure, ironically enough, from the traditional modes in which accusations of heresy were used.

Quite the year was 2017. In the midst of a tumultuous political season (what with statues and whatnot being torn down), the rest of the year felt like a whirlwind; it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating last year’s Christmas season. Despite the whirlwind, I was able to carve out some additional time to […]